The Xcellerated Performance Band TM is specifically designed with our exclusive Syionic TechnologyTM that incorporates the highest ionic frequencies you will find in the marketplace.  These optimized frequencies equalize and optimize your body’s natural energy field, with the result of enhancing your physical well-being.

Instant and Unmistakeable Results

Once you slip on your Xcellerated Performance Band TM, it immediately introduces those frequencies necessary to stabilize the electrical balance of your body and support an open ion exchange.  As a result of this frequency equalization you’ll discover a marked change in your body’s performance, as well as in your general well-being. The following are results that Xcellerated Performance Band customers have given us feedback on from wearing their band.

Common Performance Band Benefits

  • Increased Strength and Stamina – One of the most commonly seen results is an almost immediate increase in your body’s power.  Accompanying your body’s improved functionality will be a boosted oxygen intake, which encourages long lasting performance and greatly reduces recovery time.  Boosted Strength and endurance will give you the added edge against your competition
  • Heightened Balance – This is one of the most commonly seen results in demonstrations. Due to the rapid and efficient synapse firing the band promotes within your brain, you’ll discover an instantaneous improvement in balance, as well as enhanced response times.
  • Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion – You depend on your body’s elasticity and full joint rotation to achieve maximum results in your sport or activity.  Our Syionic Technology TM promotes common results in increased flexibility and range of motion — instantly!
  • Diminished Tension and Stress – The restorative capabilities of our Syionic Technology TM work not only to enhance performance, but to remove the damaging presence of stress and tension within your body.  When your energy frequencies achieve a synchronized resonance, you can experience a calming energy force comparable with that experience by a person deep in meditation, which is a resonance equal to both Earth’s electromagnetic field and deep space.
  • Reduction of Motion Sickness and Jetlag – Thanks to the Xcellerated Performance Band TM your apprehensions regarding long flights can be a distant memory.  Armed with technology you can reduce the nauseating effects of plane travel, exhaustion, and irritation associated with jet lag.

Don’t put off discovering what Xcellerated Performance Bands, and our

Syionic Technology TM can do for your body Today!